Learning New Things

I’ve been an ESL teacher now for two weeks and I’m learning new things every day. I’m finding out things about myself and searching for new ways to say old things. I’m becoming more creative and imaginative, more patient and understanding and more organised.

I’m teaching children who literally repeat everything I say, which makes me think carefully about each word I choose. Their attention span is short, so I am constantly changing the pace of the lesson and finding new ways for them to interact with me and see me as a role model. Coincidentally, some of the children are able to pick things up quicker than I imagined, or have a prior knowledge of English through their home life and whatnot. This makes me plan the lessons in advance and attempt to cater for both fast and slow learners.

I’ve started to develop my own games and worksheets tailored to the children’s needs. They seem to be going down quite well– the games especially. If I print out a worksheet for them to complete and take home, they feel as if I have given them a gift, which makes them like me a little more. When I walked into a class today, two of the children came and hugged me! I’ve been accepted with some of them it seems!




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