Living in the Past

Living in the past is something I’m really good at. I hold onto failed friendships and relationships and am constantly preoccupied with the “shoulda, woulda, coulda’s”. Sometimes even moving half way across the world doesn’t change my thinking.  I’m starting to realise that even if I hold onto something – or more appropriately – someone, they won’t necessarily be holding on too. They’ve let go and are looking ahead and that’s just what I need to be doing.

I’m starting a new adventure and it’s going to be the best thing I will ever do. I’m meeting new people, learning new things and experiencing an amazing way of life and different cultures.  My future is exciting – where I’m going, what I’m doing and who I’m meeting.

If I spend too much time looking behind me, I might miss something amazing happening in front of me. Some things deserve to stay in the past, and I need to remember why they’re there.

Respect the past; learn from it. Just don’t repeat what’s already been done.



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