Things that are difficult to get used to in China

  1. Noodles for breakfast

I find it really difficult to eat the same kind of thing all day, I like variation. Noodles in a meaty sort of broth is really difficult for me to eat first thing in the morning!

  1. Chicken feet

The Chinese LOVE chicken feet – it’s a speciality. You’ll see them everywhere that sells food. Supermarkets sell them in abundance and lines of food vendors on the street have them coated in a selection of spices. Gross.

  1. The humidity

It’s very hot and sweaty. Even when you don’t think it’s that hot you’ll be walking around with a wet back. I’d suggest taking a couple of spare shirts when you go out (or a towel).

  1. The lack of English speakers

A lot of countries have English as a second language these days, which makes people lazy. You’ll need to learn the lingo or be prepared to wave your arms about like a mad person to make your point. A lot of the time the Chinese are really forthcoming and try to help you as much as they can, but it can be daunting!

  1. The Staring!

Where I live, there aren’t as many foreigners as Beijing or Shanghai. I get stared at wherever I go and not even in a subtle way. I’ve had people coming inches away from my face to get a good look at my white skin.


2 thoughts on “Things that are difficult to get used to in China

  1. I empathize with you. Thus…

    1. Hard-boiled eggs are a splendid substitute.

    2. They’re good for your feet, some sources say. Or it could just be their logic. Either way, Chinese are still confused as to why we prefer lean meat and not the fat. Oh well…

    3. Add more salt to your meals. If not, sprinkle MSG on it. Totally joking, but it was worth the thought.

    4. Study, Practice (with failing & embarrassment), Learn, Repeat.

    5. It’s either you or the movies, and you’re not a mannequin. This will happen even when you’ve been in China for years. Why? Because it seems you never see the same people on the bus in a city of 8 million. That could just be us though.

    I enjoy your writing. Keep it up!


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