It’s Been Too Long…

It’s so easy to let something like maintaining a blog take a backseat – especially when I am surrounded by new and exciting things. I have been plunged into the deep end with so many projects going on at work recently, plus a class of screaming three year olds to teach English to. It sounds hellish, but I’m loving it.

The Kindergarten I work at has started to introduce a new country for the children to learn about every month or so. Last month was Hawaii. We dressed up, we dressed the children up, we learned about Palm Trees and Surfboards, Hula Dancers and Coconuts; and we watched Lilo and Stitch.

Now we are combining September with October, and celebrating the UK alongside Halloween. This is making me feel sort of patriotic, although because I am the only teacher from the UK, most of the responsibility is falling on my shoulders.

 10620798_10152597850271293_6425284937230739930_n 10350443_10152597852421293_3721654253573635621_n 10440731_10152597850076293_8091397864612044427_n 10568910_10152597847831293_1611397367623126512_n 10599175_10152597846456293_832042621635427295_n

Aside from working, I have been exploring the city. I have been scouting out the local haunts, experiencing street food and meeting new people; foreign and Chinese. I have experienced a national holiday known as Mid-Autumn Festival (in which most of the celebrations involve consuming copious amounts of mooncake).

Mooncake made in class!
Mooncake made in class!

I’m still finding everyday life both amusing and challenging; although I feel I have generally adjusted pretty well. I love the food here (aside from eating rice every day), although I stopped eating meat at the beginning of September. The meat here is mostly bone, fat and gristle. It’s also greasy, so it hasn’t been a hard decision, especially when there is so much fresh fruit and veg here.

Anyway, I plan to update this blog every week. I think it will be good for me to have a project outside of Kindergarten life (although I enjoy it, sometimes I feel I am going insane).


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