Autumn on Orange Island

At the weekend, I took the time to have a proper look around Orange Island. I had been there previously, but hadn’t had a proper look. I spend the day there with a friend and we enjoyed the autumnal feel it has at the moment.

The temple there is well worth checking out – a place of serenity and a heart warming atmosphere – you can buy ribbons and wooden boards which all say different messages of safety, hope, good health and love.

IMG_2800 IMG_2791

IMG_2784     IMG_2807 IMG_2809

The autumn leaves reminded me of home! I love the colours.


Of course, there’s also the iconic stone structure of Mao at one end of the island. I visited there earlier this summer to see it. It’s impressive to see!


The Island is a great place to go if you’re ever wondering what to do in Changsha. Thankfully, it hasn’t been too crowded when I’ve gone so it’s quite peaceful to walk around and take in the surroundings.



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