Travelling in Chinese New Year

Like many people in China, I am using my time off in February to travel. Here are some tips I have picked up from both my first hand experience and the past experiences and advice of others!

Plan Ahead

Make sure you know where you want to go. A good thing to look at is whether many sights and/or facilities close over the Spring Festival. You wouldn’t want to arrive somewhere to find the thing you wanted to see is closed.

Book Tickets in Advance

Chinese people tend to travel to their home towns in Spring Festival and the most popular way they do this is by train. Tickets are released in advance and sell out within days – making travel by train difficult within February. Train companies also release standing tickets, so the trains are incredibly crowded during Spring Festival – plane tickets are always a different (less crowded) option.

Stock up

When you get to where you’re going, make sure you stock up on food. Many shops and restaurants close for a few days leaving, in the words of a friend of mine, “unprepared foreigners to wander the street in search of food”.

Look  After Your Valuables

This applies all year round in China. Keep your phone/money/passport/bank cards/camera out of your pockets! Thieves in China are experienced and incredibly sneaky. You won’t know something is missing until it’s too late. Speaking from personal experience, don’t keep things in your pockets and keep your bags close to you!


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