Chengdu Day 5: Hotpot and Mr. Panda

We spent our last day in Chengdu relaxing (or feeling sorry for our hungover selves). Being Chinese New Year’s Day, most shops and restaurants were closed near our hostel.

I ventured out in search of food around midday, and stumbled upon a vegetarian restaurant. I ordered some vegetarian dumplings, wantons and noodles to take back to the hostel for everyone. Other items that caught my attention on the menu included vegetarian spare ribs and vegetarian chicken. I was too tired and unwilling to care to question this concept.

Upon eating the dumplings, we discovered some vegetarian meat inside. I don’t think this restaurant grasped the concept of vegetarianism too well.  I’m pretty sure this would happy only in China!

After recharging our batteries at the hostel, we decided to try the famous culinary sensation that is Chengdu-style hotpot once again.  We found a restaurant nearby the hostel and five of us sat down in a private room for an extra few RMB. Once again, we should have asked for only a small amount of spice. I like to regard myself as having quite a high tolerance to spicy food, and could barely eat the food from that side of the pot! (the other side was plain). Other than that, the food was good and flavoursome and hotpot will still remain my favourite dish available in China.

Since I have nothing more to discuss for this day in Chengdu, I’m going to use the opportunity to talk about the Mr. Panda Hostel in Chengdu. I can’t praise the place enough – the owner and staff were really friendly and gave us advice on getting around Chengdu and visiting the tourist attractions, as well as cooking dinner for us on Chinese New Year. The place was cheap, friendly and clean and we had a great stay. We all agreed that we would go back here if ever we returned to Chengdu (or the sister/wife hostel, Mrs. Panda).

The guests can also leave drawings of pandas on the walls to leave their mark there for longer than their stay. Here are ours.


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