Beijing Day 3: Mutianyu Take Two!

I was pretty disappointed with my first visit to the Great Wall. I had an image in my head of miles and miles of clear views, being able to spend time walking to the older part of the wall and enjoying the feeling of being on something steeped in so much history.

My second time on the Wall lived up to these expectations.

Some friends I had made in the hostel were heading out on the same tour as before, so I decided to join them for a second time. To see the Great Wall was one of my main ambitions when coming to China.

We set off as early as the first time, at 7am to catch a minibus to Mutianyu. I decided to walk up the steps to section 16 as I couldn’t before because of the ice. It was a quick but scenic walk; the air was clear and the sun was shining. In many places, I stopped to enjoy the landscape; small towns, fields and mountains in the background. The walk up the steps took about 30 minutes. I had planned to meet the others along the way but walked most of the wall by myself and had an amazing day!

I eventually met the others at the further sections of the wall – after climbing for another 30 minutes or so, I managed to find them and stopped to rest and take photos.

After lunch, we headed back to the hostel with the rest of our group. We got back at around 5pm. After a rest, we went to a restaurant for some amazing vegetarian dumplings and a few drinks. This was probably my best day of Spring Festival – I ticked something off my Bucket List and saw one of the Seven Wonders of the World. All in a day’s work!

Top Things to Take to the Great Wall Whatever the Weather

Good walking shoes

I’d recommend a good, sturdy pair of shoes if you visit the wall. There’s a lot to walk, there’s a lot of steps and there’s a lot of steep surfaces. It’s easy to slip or fall (as we witnessed a couple of times!)


There is one stop to buy food and drink near the cable cars on the wall, but it’s expensive and has a small selection.


This goes without saying!

Selfie Stick

This is one thing I’m so glad I invested in in China. We got some great photos of us individually and as a group, with a great background – inexpensive and a must for single travellers especially!


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