Hong Kong: The Tian Tan Buddha

I realise that lately I have (once again) slipped with my regularity of posts. Sorry! I’ve been rather busy lately having decided to return to my home of England for a few months.

Anyway, I flew home from Hong Kong which allowed me a few days to explore the city. I LOVED IT.

On my first day I went to see the Giant Buddha statue. I was staying in Kowloon and took the metro which I found surprisingly easy; the system is great! The entrance to the cable cars leading to the Buddha can be seen from the MTR station and is about a five minute walk away. The actual cable car ride takes about twenty minutes and luckily for me, there weren’t many people so I didn’t have long to wait.

After walking through a small village-like area with shops and restaurants, I walked up the steps to see the actual Buddha statue. It’s big. It’s impressive. It’s also surrounded by smaller statues of different meaning.

There’s a small museum inside which tells the story of the Buddha and how it was built, as well as giving a brief history of the making of Buddhism as a religion.

There is also a working Buddhist temple in the same site. It’s definitely worth a visit – impressive statues and design, well maintained and even has a vegetarian restaurant next door (the wantons were amazing). I got caught in the rain at this point, so bought an umbrella and headed back to my hostel.


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