A Day in Barcelona

I’ve recently returned from a relaxing Mediterranean cruise holiday with my mum. We left Southampton on 27th September, and started sailing towards the Mediterranean. First stop – Barcelona.

We docked for a day in Barcelona, which was just enough time for a short introduction to this beautiful city. Having never been before, we were eager to see what everyone raved about and start our journey off on a positive note.

The first stop of the day was The Spanish Village. We took a bus from the port and had time for a very quick look around. There was a lot to see; gardens, museums, art galleries, shops and an old monastery – together with an amazing view of the city. Admittedly, we spent a little too much time in the oil shop sampling the bread, oil and free sangria.

I think to explore the village properly, you would need the whole day. You could spend hours visiting the traditional Spanish shops, walking around the gardens and monastery at a leisurely pace and taking in your surroundings.

IMG_6188 IMG_6190 IMG_6193 IMG_6194 IMG_6196 IMG_6197

After hopping back onto our bus, the next stop was the Segrada Familia. Again, due to limited time, we didn’t get a chance to look inside (giving me another reason to return to Barcelona in the future), but we were astounded by the architecture on the outside. It was awe-inspiring and astonishing. We walked around the perimeter of the church taking in the architecture in all its beauty and detail. Again, I could probably have spent the whole day in and around this building; there are restaurants and shops all around the perimeter, being so close to the centre of the city.

After this stop, we made our way to the main centre of the city and decided to walk to Barcelona Cathedral, taking in the architecture and atmosphere as we went. We spent some time at the cathedral (which we didn’t enter due to queuing and time restrictions) but the view from the outside is pretty incredible. There was also an antiques market on that day directly outside, which naturally took up a lot of our time!

Barcelona is definitely a city I would recommend. The architecture and atmosphere was amazing when I was there – I can’t wait to go again and spend more time there to explore it properly.


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