A month in Shanghai

After spending just over a month in Shanghai, I am finally getting round to writing about it.

It’s been a crazy, non-stop few weeks of apartment hunting, job inductions and exploring the city; but I am finally starting to feel settled.


Shanghai is a great mix of modern day and traditional China (by traditional, I mean the street food, markets, temples and of course, the spitting). There’s a lot to explore; from exhibitions and museums, to temples and gardens all within a relatively short distance of each other and easily accessible by metro. 

There’s enough of a mixture of English and non English speakers to be able to practice speaking Mandarin regularly, but also know if you needed access to something which you can’t describe in Mandarin, you’ll still be able to get it relatively hassle free.


So far, I like the multi-cultural vibe that Shanghai has to offer, the mix of Chinese and western cultures, the extensive amount of things to do and the easily accessible range of amenities. On my second day I went to the Bund to see the famous Shanghai skyline, it looks pretty cool in both day and night. That’s when I realised where I was; just a stone’s throw away from one of the most iconic cities in the world. Life is good.

I love meeting new people and experiencing new things, both of which I am doing now only with some previous knowledge of China – which definitely has helped me in a few situations already! 





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